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ADAPTABILITY is one of many leadership soft skills that your employees need to help them become more efficient executives and better team managers. Professionals who can adjust to change ... whether it is learning new systems, changing processes or taking on new responsibilities ... will be highly valued and in the forefront for advancement and professional development opportunities.

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People who are good at coping with challenges and setbacks usually have one thing in common - resiliency. Increase your resiliency by learning how to ...  View More

Start date: 10/06/20

End date: 10/06/20

Fee: $159.00

Instructor : Karen Klingberg 

Location : Mammel Hall Location : 
  Mammel Hall.

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If you have recently moved into a supervisory position or are considering making such a transition, you are facing one of the most challenging leaders ...  View More

Start date: 11/10/20

End date: 11/10/20

Fee: $299.00

Instructor : Ralph Lassiter 

Location : Mammel Hall Location : 
  Mammel Hall.

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